Still open for applications

It's not too late to become part of the IB and Pre-IB

We are still open for applications.

Our dorms are full, but we are still open for admission for daytime students. 

Please contact our IB coordinator Gitte Pilley at: gp@ikast-gym.dk for further information.

An international education

The IB organization was originally founded as a response to the lack of flexibility in the different school systems around the world. Children of parents with international jobs were frustrated by the fact that foreign marks and exams were not always recognized in their home countries. The IB system was founded as an alternative to national education systems and targeted children whose parents worked abroad.

Today, the IB education system is recognized in more than 100 countries worldwide, and many of the major UK and North American universities are very positive towards prospective students with an IB diploma. If you are internationally educated and/or looking to study overseas, then the IB program is an excellent alternative to the Danish education system.

A holistic education

Although the program focuses on high academic standards and strict assessment policies, it is also a holistic education that asks students to be open-minded, socially responsible, willing to take risk and critical thinkers. Part of doing developing such skills is being involved in activities that do not include academics and classroom teaching.

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) is a non-academic, obligatory subject that takes place outside of the classroom and asks students to be involved in extra-curricular activities and carry out work in their community. The IB organization also encourages exchanges with schools from other parts of the world.

Questions about the IB? 

You are always welcome to contact us...

Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

IB coordinator

phone+45 9715 3611


Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

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