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COVID-19 continues to impact us all, and consequently, we must inform you of necessary changes to the beginning of school as a result of the global Corona virus outbreak. 

School begins on August 17th for all pre-IB and DP1 students, including students who are already living in Denmark. 

To all new international students moving into the dorms

The Danish Ministry of Education asks that all new international students, upon arrival in Denmark, self-quarantine for 14 days before being allowed into school if they arrive from an orange country. 

These new regulations impact you, as an international student. To ensure that we uphold the restrictions put in place by the Ministry, the move-in date at the IBG Dorm and Sportstar College Ikast-Brande is now changed to August 3rd 2020 if arriving from an orange country. All new international students coming from countries whose citizens are not yet allowed into Denmark and who will be arriving directly from outside of Denmark, must move into our dormitories on August 3rd 2020 and self-quarantine for 2 weeks. 
External link to map of country status: Map

If you are arriving from a yellow country, we ask that you move in on Friday the 14th of August

Please send an email to with notice of whether we can expect you in the dorms on August 3rd or on the 14th.  If you are not moving in on the 3rd, please explain where you will be staying for the 2-week period before the beginning of school. We ask this to ensure that quarantine rules are upheld. 

Stay updated on border closures

We ask that you stay updated on Denmark’s border closures throughout the summer. If the bans on certain countries are lifted, it means that you have the option to delay your move-in and avoid quarantine. In that case, please let us know by email before the 3rd of August so we do not wait for your arrival in vain.  

Practical information upon arrival

Upon arrival on the 3rd of August, please go directly to the dorm, where we will hand out your keys. Arrival time is between 9.00 and 14.00. Due to the quarantine restrictions, you may not visit the school until the 14th of August, where you may get a bike (deposit dkk 1000) and a locker (deposit 150). 
For all students arriving on the 14th, please go to the school and check-in and pay for the bike/ locker, after which you may make your way to the dormitories. 


Learn more regarding the self-quarantine and entry to Denmark in our FAQ below. Please consult the FAQ to stay updated. 


Info about the start of school for new students, August 2020

Can I enter Denmark even though the border is closed to my nationality?

Yes, you may enter Denmark despite the border being closed to tourists from your home country. You need to show the border control officers your letter of admission, as well as your dorm contract. 

Please continue to stay updated on Denmark’s border closures. We expect the borders to open up for several additional nationalities over the course of the summer. External link to map of country status: Map

If your country is yellow you do NOT have to quarantine. If your country is orange you MUST quarantine.

Can my parents enter Denmark with me? 

As of right now, parents are not allowed to accompany children over the age of 18, as long as the border remains closed. However, the Danish police suspect that this may change over the course of the summer. Please continue to check the status of the Danish border closures throughout the summer, and check back with us before travelling, if you are unsure as to the status of accompanying parents.

For students under 18, parents may travel with the student. Please show the border control officers your letter of admission, your rental contract, and your SIRI appointment booking. 

Please continue to stay updated on Denmark’s border closures. We expect the borders to open up for several additional nationalities over the course of the summer.

Where can my parents stay during their visit in Denmark?

There are various options for your stay in Denmark. Among these are:


I am travelling to Denmark for school, and will not have spent time in Denmark before arriving at IBG.
Should I quarantine?

Yes, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for anyone travelling into Denmark from COVID-19 ‘orange’ countries, as labelled by the Danish government. You must arrive on August 3rd between 9 and 14.00 and quarantine for two weeks in our dorm. External link to map of country status: Map

We advise you to stay updated over the summer on any changes to the travel restrictions, by following the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
As of right now (26.06.20), most European countries are now open for Danish citizens, meaning that anyone from those same countries travelling to Denmark are exempted from quarantine. 

Can my parents leave upon dropping me off, or shoud they also quarantine for two weeks before departure? 

Your parents may leave after dropping you off, and do not need to quarantine in Denmark as they will be returning to their home country. However, please make sure they accompany you to SIRI before departing. 

Can I shop for groceries while in quarantine?

Yes, if you have no symptoms of COVID-19, you may shop for groceries but make sure to keep shopping to a minimum and keep your social distance to others. We encourage you to bring a good amount of groceries from home, if driving to Denmark, to help you keep isolated for as long as possible. 

Can I spend time with other students in the shared spaces in the dorms?

We encourage you to isolate as much as possible, although we realize that this is difficult when arriving alone in a new country.

I do not need to quarantine. When do I move into the dorms?

If you do not need to quarantine because you have spent your summer in Denmark, because you already live here or because Denmark’s borders aren’t closed to your country, you must arrive on the 14th of August between 9 and 14.00

For Sportstar College, you may arrive on the 6th of August or later. Please contact Karsten Werge at the College and inform him of your expected move-in date. 

Can I still go to SIRI while self-quarantining?

Yes, you and your parents may go to your SIRI appointment as planned. Make sure to keep your distance to others. 

What should I bring to SIRI?

Please see for all information regarding required documentation for SIRI. We encourage you to call the SIRI office too. 

Our letter of information regarding SIRI is based on prior students’ experiences but we do not take responsibility for any new rules and regulations so please know that it is your responsibility to contact SIRI and be updated on the required documentation for obtaining residence in Denmark. 

What documentation should I bring to SIRI if only one of my parents come with me to Denmark?

Please contact 

Our school is not the official source of information for obtaining permanent residence in Denmark. We try to help but are not necessarily updated on the newest guidelines, rules and regulations!

It is important that you can show to the SIRI officials that your parent consents to your move to Denmark and/or can support you. We suggest that the absent parent signs a notarized letter which could look like this: Notary form residence permit

In addition, you will most likely need to show the authorities a copy of your parents passports, your birth certificate, and a work contract. We recommend notarizing these copies. 

However, please CONTACT SIRI DIRECTLY for ensure that you have the most accurate information. 


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