COVID19 reminders 

Please be reminded to stay updated regarding entry into Denmark, isolation and national measures during Covid-19 times. All information regarding Covid-19 regulations in Denmark can be found here:

The website continues to be updated by the Danish authorities so please continue to check the newest info up until the day of travel. 

We ask that all parents book separate accommodation when dropping off your child to minimize the risks of spreading Covid and keeping the dorm as much of a social “bubble” as possible. 

Use of facemask at IBG

Valid from Thursday 29 October 2020, you must wear a facemask or face visor at youth educations in Denmark.

This of course also applies to Ikast-Brande Gymnasium:

  • Students, staff, and guests must wear a facemask or visor when moving around the school. There is no access to the school without a facemask or visor.
  • Students should not wear a facemask or visor when attending classes.
  • Students must bring their own facemask or visor.
  • Teachers must wear a facemask or visor when teaching.

The following personal protective equipment may be used:

  • Disposable facemask, which covers the nose and mouth and closes tightly to the face.
  • Facemask made of cloth, which covers the nose and mouth and closes tightly to the face.
  • Facial visors that cover eyes, nose and mouth or nose and mouth.

Both facemasks and face visors are personal and therefore must not be shared with others.

Remember to throw your used disposable facemasks in the trash so they do not end up in nature. :)

COVID19 policies at IBG

Special arrangement of the teaching

  • The students' class / elective team is the starting point for all activities at the school and all classes have fixed classrooms and common areas.
  • The students are allowed on the teams (both class teams and election teams) to sit next to each other in the classroom. Elsewhere at the school, a minimum distance of 1 meter must be kept (2 meters distance in special situations)
  • When deviating from 1 meter, there must be an increased focus on hygiene and on face-to-face contacts.
  • Breaks and recess also take place in class. The school ensures that the students' activities take place within the classroom as much as possible.




In case of or suspicion of symptoms of COVID19

Stay at home if:

  • you have symptoms of illness. Symptoms of COVID19 include cough, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, difficulty breathing, headache.
  • there are people in your household who have been diagnosed with COVID19.
  • you are in a risk group (contact your student counsellor).
  • you have travelled / stayed in a risk area within the last 14 days.

If you get symptoms of COVID19 while you are at school, go home and consult your own doctor for an assessment of your symptoms.


What should I do if I am infected with COVID19?

If you are diagnosed with COVID19, you must notify the school immediately at phone number: (+45) 97 15 36 11.

Outside the school's opening hours, contact Principal, Marianne Dose Hvid, at: (+45) 40 81 98 91 or alternatively contact Vice Principal, Ulrik Rønne Antonsen, at: (+45) 20 93 26 10.

You should stay at home until 48 hours after you have had the last symptoms of coronavirus.


Test recommendations

We recommend that you get tested in the public testing system, as this will help detect infection and prevent further spread of infection. In addition, you can be sure to be tested correctly according to the incubation time via tests in the public health sector.

According to the Statens Serum Institut, rapid tests, which are typically performed by private companies, should only be used as a supplement to the test offered by the authorities.


In case of COVID19 infection at IBG

Upon detection of cases with confirmed COVID19, it will be clarified whether there has been a major spread of infection and outbreak management is initiated with the help of the Danish Agency for Patient Safety.

It will be assessed whether anyone in class can be considered “close contacts” and therefore must remain at home in self-isolation until there is a negative COVID19-test.

In such cases, students may be sent home, and the school may in the extreme consequence be completely or partially closed down.


Emergency teaching

If you are infected with COVID19, you must attend emergency online classes and your absence will not be registered.

Students who makes unnecessary trips to countries that are not recommended to visit must stay at home for 14 days upon return. During this period, you do not get to attend emergency online classes and your absence will be registered.

Find out more on the joint COVID19 authority hotline: (+45) 70 20 02 33
or on the website: 


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