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Please go to New in Denmark

Please read about the documentation need to apply for an EU residence permit and what documentation is required. 

For students under 18, both parents must show up in person with their son/daughter.

What documentation is needed to obtain EU residence in Denmark?

Please find below a guide to applying for an EU residence. The guide is NOT complete, and guidelines may change. Always double check with the Immigration Office through

SIRI, the Danish immigration authorities, requires for you to book an appointment before showing up in person at the SIRI office, located in Aarhus. 

It is currently only possible to book appointments with SIRI one month in advance. 

Please go to

Click on:

  1. You want to apply
  2. Residence as an EU/EEA citizen or a Nordic citizen
  3. EU residence as a student
  4. How to apply
  5. Submit the application
  6. Click on "Before you appear in person at SIRI, you must book an appointment"
  7. Scroll down on the website, and click on “I am here for work or study”.
  8. Then, click “Go to the SIRI booking system”
  9. Scroll down and choose Aarhus as your location to book an appointment. 

We recommend that you book an appointment a couple of days before the beginning of school. 

Below is a list of the documentation that you need to bring to the authorities in Denmark upon arrival. Please know that the below is NOT a complete list – please see from the Danish authorities to print the application form, and read more about required documentation.  You may also contact the hotline to ensure that all requirements are met at: +45 72 14 20 02

Please bring: 

  • A completed OD1 form (downloadable from the above website). NB: Do not sign! The form must be signed by you and your parents (if you are under 18) in the presence of the authorities. The OD1 form may also be completed digitally. Please see further instructions on the website. 
  • TWO passport photos 
  • The Applicant’s birth certificate (original)
  • Proof of sufficient funds: 
    • e.g.: bank statements (bank and ownership must be stated and the print-out must be no older than 14 days when received by SIRI) or early retirement or retirement pension from home country or employer declaration and/or verified employment contract (max. 30 days old) from the employer of the person supporting you.
  • Declaration of sufficient funds – when parents of the child studying in Denmark funds the stay in Denmark. 
  • Parents’ passports (original) 
  • Admission letter from Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, dated no later than 1 month old.
  • Copy of a signed housing contract
  • If parents are divorced and applicant is under 18: Notarized documentation of divorce, and a notarized statement that both parents consent to the child studying abroad. 
  • If one parent is deceased: original death certificate must be provided. 
  • If only one parent accompanies the student to the authorities’ office: Notarized documentation that both parents consent to the child studying abroad.  

All documentation must be in either Danish or English and be clearly labeled with date, signature and stamped and signed by a notary. 

If you are over 18, you may travel alone to Denmark and complete the immigration paperwork on your own, with assistance from Ikast-Brande Gymnasium.

If you are under 18, your parents must accompany you to Denmark and go to SIRI to complete the immigration paperwork before making their departure.

Please see the guidelines for applying for a residence permit. Additional documentation is needed if both parents do not accompany the child.

You may only study at the IB as a non-EU citizen if your parents are moving to Denmark.

Non-EU citizens cannot obtain a visa for IB studies unless they are in Denmark with their parents.  


Banking, insurance, health and safety

If you are above 18, you may open a bank account in Denmark. There are several banks to choose from. Contact the IB dorm supervisor upon arrival for assistance with choosing a bank and setting up an account.

If you are under 18, you cannot create a Danish bank account as your parents must reside in Denmark and sign off on the account.

We strongly recommend that you are insured while in Denmark.

We recommend that you are insured in case of an accident, that you have liability insurance, as well as home insurance that covers stolen items. 

Danish insurance companies: 


Alternatively, you may be able to take out insurance in your home country which covers your child’s stay abroad. 

Once SIRI has received and approved your application for EU residence, you are covered by the Danish health insurance policies. You will be assigned a doctor, and may seek medical help on equal terms as Danes. 

Until your residence permit has come through, please make sure you have medical coverage through either the EU blue health card (if an EU citizen) or private travel health insurance (non-EU citizens). 

Once you have received a letter from SIRI that confirms that your residence permit is approved, you must go to the local municipal office and choose a doctor. Please contact the school’s dorm supervisor upon receiving your residence permit. The dorm supervisor helps you with the process of choosing a doctor.

Getting around

Both dorms are within walking distance to the school. However, we recommend that you get a bike which will make it much easier and faster to get around. 

There is public transportation to and from Billund airport. The school does not offer students rides back and forth. You may also share a taxi with classmates, making that option more affordable. 


Should you wish for your child to have access to transportation to and from the airport, a broader network of international students and activities outside of school, additional adult support or other types of support not readily available through the school, please refer to Global KnowleX: 


Useful documents

Parental consent form

Useful links

The official IB-site:

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Organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK: 

Danish office for further education counselling within Denmark:

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