Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and answers about living in Denmark in a student dormitory.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

About the IBG Dorm and Green Student Houses

Private room excluding private bathroom and mini-kitchen

Rent per month 
(excluding utilities)

(incl. maintenance fee)


23 m21.904 DKK961 DKK7.150 DKK
28 m22.309 DDK961 DKK8.700 DKK

Private room, including private bathroom and mini-kitchen*

35 m22.900 DKK961 DKK10.850 DKK
37 m23.061 DKK961 DKK11.500 DKK
38 m23.144 DKK961 DKK11.800 DKK
41 m23.389 DKK961 DKK12.700 DKK


You may share a dormitory room with someone else. However, please note that you will only receive one invoice. It is up to you and your room mate to arrange how to split the monthly payments and the deposit. 

3 students of the same gender share a house. 

Both our Green Student Houses and the IBG Dorm have a common room. In the common room, you can eat together, cook together, and hang out. The room has a couch, and dining table and chairs. In the IBG Dorm, we also have a ping pong table, air hockey, a large TV and more.

Each room is furnished with a bed, a desk and a chair, a closet and a lamp. 


The shared kitchens in the IBG Dorm and the Green Student Houses are equipped with a dishwasher, oven, and a freezer. The Green Student Houses also have a large fridge whereas each room in the IBG Dorm has a small fridge. There is no shared refrigerator. 

Please note that the kitchens are not equipped with pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, cutlery, glasses etc. The school recommends IKEA as the source of inexpensive kitchenware. 

Internet is included in the price of each dorm. It is high speed internet. 


Both dorms have a washer and dryer. In the IBG Dorm, each tenant pays for each wash through a chip card. In the Green Student House, a washer and dryer are part of the house amenities. 


Each month, the tenant pays an estimated fee for heating and electricity. Once a year, the meter is read by the companies that provide heating and electricity to the dorm, and the tenant will either receive an invoice for additional heating/electricity used, or he/she will receive money back. 



For the IBG Dorm, your room is cleaned before a new tenant moves in. However, to keep costs down, the room is not freshly painted etc. Should you wish for your room to be freshly painted etc., please contact Ikast-Brande Gymnasium. We can tell you more about the condition of the room, and whether we recommend that it gets painted before you move in, and what steps to take to make that happen. Each month, your rent invoice shows that you are paying into a ‘B-scheme’. This is a mandatory fee that you pay to build up a pool of money which may be used for repairs, either by you or a future tenant. Depending on how often tenants have made use of the ‘B-scheme’, there may be a lot of money set aside for repairs or very little. Fruehøjgaard can tell you how much money is available for any repairs. 

In the Green Student Houses, all rooms are freshly painted and all minor changes made by the past tenant, such as minor holes in the wall from pictures etc., are repaired. 


In the Green Student Houses, utilities are included in the rent. 

You must bring your own bedding, including a pillow, comforter, sheets. 

Kitchenware and cleaning products are also not provided. You must bring that yourself or purchase it upon arrival in Denmark. 

It may also be a good idea to bring a bike. A bike will be very helpful when getting around town for school and grocery shopping. 


No. In the Green Student Houses, each house has a room with a private ensuite bathroom. The other two rooms share one bathroom. 

In the IBG Dorm, you may choose a room with a private bathroom, or you may choose a room with a shared bathroom. If shared, you share with one other student of the same gender. 


Once you have paid a sign-up fee and secured your room, you have reserved a room. Should you wish for another type of room than what has been assigned to you, we can add you to a waiting list. You may change rooms up until the point at which you sign the actual rental agreement. 

Should you wish to change rooms after having signed the rental agreement, this is possible in July each year. Please note that in the IBG dorm, a new deposit must be paid, before the deposit for your old room is returned to you. 



The dormitories are supervised by two dorm supervisors. The supervisors are on site 4 times a week, Monday-Thursday as well as during the weekends if the dorm has social activities on the calendar. In addition, each supervisor is on call 24/7 and can always be reached in case of emergency or if help or assistance is needed.

The dorms also have student guides who assist new students with cleaning routines, good-to-know advice on living on your own. They are available at the dorms for new students to reach out if help or guidance is needed.

IBG Dorms

The contact for the IBG dorm is the non-profit housing company Fruehøjgaard, which owns the building: www.fruehojgaard.dk

Fruehøjgaard can be contacted at: +45 76 64 66 00 and at post@fruehojgaard.dk 

The Green Student Houses

The Green Student Houses are owned by the housing company VesterHIH. 

VesterHIH can be reached at +45 29 23 05 50 and pev@hihbold.dk

Questions about the IB? 

You are always welcome to contact us...

Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

IB Coordinator

phone+45 9715 3611


Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

Bøgildvej 6, DK-7430 Ikast   •   phone +45 9715 3611   •   mail ig@ikast-gym.dk   •    mail sikker(secure) mail

Man-tors 8:00-15:00 og fredag 8:00-14:00