Creativity, Activity and Service


Although the IB programme focuses on high academic standards and strict assessment policies, it is also a holistic education that asks students to be open-minded, socially responsible, willing to take risk and critical thinkers.

Part of developing such skills is being involved in experiences that do not include academics and classroom teaching. Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is a non-academic, obligatory subject that takes place outside of the classroom and asks students to be involved in extra-curricular experiences and carry out work in their community. The IB organization also encourages exchanges with schools from other parts of the world.

At Ikast-Brande Gymnasium we offer you a variety of after-school experiences within the school and we also work with the local community to create opportunities to make a difference and develop your leadership skills outside of school. Our CAS coordinators work with you on an individual basis to tailor a CAS program which fit your wishes and goals and our list of experiences and projects are therefore ever-changing. 

Below, you can see examples of CAS experiences and projects for inspiration. Remember, this is not a complete list! 


"In CAS you get to do projects that go beyond everyday school life. You get to educate yourself to become a committed citizen and participate actively in your community. I am a part of the school’s student council and I’m also an ambassador for the school. It’s a great way to strengthen my communication skills and also a great way to spread knowledge of the IB to others. If you have the courage to take on an ambitious education, where CAS challenges you to become an active citizen I would definitely recommend the IB."

Arnis Prokopovics, IB student


Creativity Activity Service
School choirSalsa ClassesTutoring
Band and music classesMartial artsSchool Newspaper
Debate clubRock climbing Volunteer Friday
Art classesBasketball and soccer matchesAdvocate a cause, e.g recycling, no bullying
Model United NationsRunning Club... and more!
Drama clubCross Fit and other workouts 
World Literature Group  



Creativity Activity Service
Learning a new languageRunning or biking using
a tracking system to keep track of progress
Volunteering at the local
children's hospital
Playing an instrumentWorkoutVolunteering at the local
refugee camp
Arranging a
poetry slam
KayakingHelping out at the local cinema
Writing poemsRock-climbingTeaching at the after-school club at Ikast-Brande International school
Creating a YouTube channel Helping out at the summer
camp for international elementary
  Babysitting for international families
  Volunteering for nature and
biodiversity improvement
  Collecting kitchen equipment
and toys for underpriveliged in Africa and South America



Charity cancer run for local schools and companies in the Ikast-Brande area
All-school charity event to collect Christmas gifts for underprivileged children in Ikast
All-school bike ride to Silkeborg to raise awareness for the world’s environmental problems
Spring Festival with International food fair and stands celebrating cultural differences
Large scale recycling project
Collaboration with local elementary schools to improve language skills and global understanding
Collaboration with Soroptimist International on promoting their cause

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