International Baccalaureate Diploma

International education for a 21st century global world

What is the IB Diploma Programme?

As an IB student, you will be challenged both academically and personally. The programme asks you to think critically, be open-minded, curious and, above all, driven and motivated to become a life-long learner – both inside and outside the classroom.

The IB programme not only focuses on academic rigour but also on developing well-rounded, responsible and flexible individuals who are ready to deal with future life challenges. The diploma programme therefore offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference at your school and in your community through the subject Creativity, Action and Service.

At Ikast-Brande IB School, we can offer you a great programme with lots of opportunities for personal growth in a small and tight-knit school atmosphere where you will easily come to know all of your peers, both inside and outside of the diploma programme. With only 600 students at our school, you will have a distinct and important role in the school community.

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An introduction to the IB

The IB in the words of our students

The IB in the words of our IB Coordinator, Gitte Pilley, and English teacher, Annabel Kristensen

Core mission

At Ikast-Brande Gymnasium the core mission will, and must, always stay the same: Education, learning and the holistic shaping of the individual. We prepare young people for post-secondary education and for a life as brave, open-minded and persistent participants in a globalized world. 

We educate our students to become active ethical and political decision makers. Everyone is different. However, the destination is the same for all: To become an educated young person who has met his or her potential in the best way possible. This happens through the STX, HF, IB and EUX, through a dynamic and goal-oriented learning environment, and through a wide multifaceted network of strategic collaboration, locally, nationally and internationally.  


Questions about the IB? 

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IB Coordinator

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