How to apply to the Pre-IB

Apply to the Pre-IB

We welcome students from a multitude of backgrounds and educational experiences into the pre-IB programme.  Please see below for a list of admission requirements into pre-IB at IBG. 

Candidates having completed folkeskole exams must apply through and meet the requirements for attending STX at gymnasium. 

Students who have not completed Danish folkeskole exams:

  1. Must have completed at least 10 years of school to a satisfactory standard. You should have passing grades in English, Maths, and Science. 
  2. Must have English level of at least B1 (CEFR language) or equivalent.
  3. Should provide at least one teacher reference commenting on your work ethic, effort, attendance, attitude to learning etc. 

If you do not meet the grade requirements for admission, or cannot supply all of the above documentation, you may still be considered for admission, as we will do a holistic assessment, and an online interview and/or admissions test to see if you are suitable for the Pre-IB course. 

Our final decision is based on an overall holistic assessment of the student’s interview, grade records and, possibly, an admission test. 

The application form must be sent to our school at along with:

  • the latest report card
  • one teacher reference from your  current place of education

Preparatory IB Application form for Danish and Non-Danish students 2024/25

Preparatory IB Application form for Danish and Non-Danish students 2025/26


EU citizen or non-EU citizen?

Non-EU citizens cannot be granted more than a one-year-visa by the Danish immigration authorities unless special circumstances are in place, such as the parents working in Denmark. Therefore you cannot apply to the IB without such special circumstances.

For applicants coming from an EU country, an EU residence permit must be obtained upon arrival in Denmark. 

The following documentation is necessary: 

  • A passport photo 
  • Applicant’s birth certificate (original), if applicant is under 18. 
  • Last three months’ pay slips from the supporting parent(s) or a print of your bank account(s)/ bank account of your supporting parent(s). 
  • Parents’ passports if applicant is under 18. 
  • Admission letter from Ikast-Brande Gymnasium
  • Copy of a signed housing contract
  • If parents are divorced and applicant is under 18: Notarized documentation of divorce, and a notarized statement that both parents consent to the child studying abroad. 

The above documentation must be brought in person to the Danish authorities, located in Aarhus, Denmark, upon arrival. 

It is advisable that applicants under 18 bring both parents when going to apply for the residence permit. 

In addition to the above documentation, all applicants must fill out an application form available at

All applicants under 18 are encouraged to contact to double check requirement for a resident permit, particularly if planning to travel to Denmark with only one parent, or alone. 

Questions about the IB? 

You are always welcome to contact us...

Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

IB Coordinator

phone+45 9715 3611


Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

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