Virtual classroom instructions

We are now running virtual classrooms in all classes. Please find below some guidelines on what is expected of the students in a virtual classroom:

  • You are expected to be online when you have class in Lectio. Logon to Lectio, check the Lectio messages (beskeder) and check in the yellow sticky note on each lesson what work your teacher expects you to complete in your lesson. For upcoming EE check-in sessions in 1i, check lectio for info on how to get in touch with your teacher for a virtual meeting.
  • Teachers may make use of Microsoft teams for the virtual lessons. Anders (Kr) has made a video guide on how to use Teams:
  • Contact your teacher if you experience problems navigating the virtual lesson.  
  • Attendance will be taken in all lessons. To be marked present, you must complete the tasks set by your teacher. It is expected that you attempt a thorough answer and that you make an effort.  
  • All assignments are of course also due as normal. It is expected that you hand in written work on time.
  • All classes are important and there will be no make-up classes when school re-opens. What is covered in the virtual classroom is part of your final exams. So please spend an approprioate amount of time on each lesson.
  • Finally, we highly encourage all of you to stay indoors and avoid social mingling during the time of the school's closure, in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

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