Virtual teaching

At Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, we work with several different platforms for learning:


Lectio is a platform for planning and structure at IBG. Here you will find the schedule, info about homework, assignments, absence, etc. It is expected that students and teachers check Lectio daily.

See link to Lectio here: Lectio

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform that can be used as a pedagogical tool in teaching, and which students and teachers meet when there is virtual teaching. All students and teachers are in the system with

Therefore, we can all also easily share documents, presentations, videos, notes from the lectures, etc. with each other.

All new students receive a course in Microsoft Teams (including OneNote) and Logger Pro when they start, and during Pre-IB/1i they receive ongoing instructions in relevant use of IT.

Virtual teaching – guidelines

Students must have a computer with a working camera and a microphone, and in teaching situations, the camera must be turned on.

The lessons must take place synchronously with the schedule in Lectio.

In the lessons, it is important to focus on variation. Where possible, physical activity is encouraged, it can be a 20 min. walk with, for example, a podcast or a “walk and talk” exercise in a couple / group discussion.

Students are absent if the above guidelines are not followed.

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