Pre-IB and IB

First day of school for Pre-IB and IB DP

Welcome to Ikast-Brande Gymnasium

We are excited to welcome our pre-IB and first year IB students to school on August 12th 2024. 

  • Pre-IB students begin at 8.15
  • IB DP students begin at 9.40 

Practical info for new students

All pre-IB students’ applications to IBG must be re-confirmed in the Danish online admission system - even if you have already received a letter of acceptance from us. 

Please follow the guide to re-confirm your admission. 

It is very important that you re-confirm admission before March 1st 2024, as your acceptance to the school will be withdrawn by the Ministry if your registration in the admission system is missing.

Guide to

Dictionaries: Our school offers all students free electronic dictionaries for windows and mac (Danish/English/German/Spanish/French). 

Bus passes: Should you require a bus pass, you may apply for one via Free busses are available within Ikast-Brande Municipality. Therefore, if you are not crossing the municipal border, a bus pass is not necessary.You cannot apply for a bus pass via before you are registered in Denmark with a cpr number. If you need to use the bus for the month(s) until your CPR number comes through, you must pay per ride. The app Midttrafik may be handy. 

SU/ Danish student grant: If you have permanent residence in Denmark/are a Danish citizen, you are eligible for SU when you turn 18. You may apply at

You may also read more about the SU rules at

Timetable: You will get access to your timetable on your first day of school. Please bring your laptop. Please know that the timetable is not fixed and changes throughout the year. To stay updated on your timetable, homework and more, you must use Lectio

Laptops: The school uses laptops as well as notebooks. Each student must bring their own laptop. Mac and Windows both work but tablets and Chromebooks do not.

Read more about our recommendations here: Computer recommendations 2024

Programmes (Office 365): You will be able to download Microsoft Office 365 programmes through the school so you do not need to purchase the Office package before starting school. We use all Microsoft programmes, including Teams and OneNote. 

Holidays: Holidays outside of school are not permitted. IF a student leaves school early, he or she will have their absence recorded, as with any other absence from school.  Exams cannot be re-scheduled and missing exams breaks the school code of conduct and is a serious offence. Please check the school’s holiday calendar here: School holidays

Welcome to Ikast-Brande Gymnasium

We are excited to welcome our pre-IB and first year IB students to school on August 12th 2024. 

Pre-IB students begin at 8.15
IB DP students begin at 9.40 

You may buy lunch in our canteen (cards or mobile pay only, no cash) or bring your own lunch. 

The first day of school will end at 13.45 for the pre-IB students and at 15.05 for the IB students. 

We’ll spend the day getting to know each other, giving you more information about the school and the year. 

Please bring your laptop as you’ll also be given passwords and an introduction to our IT system, after which you’ll be able to see your schedule, homework etc. 

If you need to take the bus please plan your trip here:

We look forward to welcoming you on the 12th of August 2024.

Ikast-Brande Gymnasium does not offer students any insurance while they stay in Denmark and students are not covered by any school insurance. 

Please make sure that your child is insured while studying and living in Denmark. We recommend insurance coverage which covers liability, accidents, and theft. You may wish to insure your child beyond these three types of insurances. Please note that the school does not take any responsibility for insurance coverage while your child studies in Denmark.


Please mark your calendar for the upcoming Parent Night at Pre-IB

Date to be announced

If you do not live in Denmark there will be an option to participate online. Further information will follow.

Questions about the IB? 

You are always welcome to contact us...

Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

IB Coordinator

phone+45 9715 3611


Gitte Vestergaard Pilley

Bøgildvej 6, DK-7430 Ikast   •   phone +45 9715 3611   •   mail   •    mail sikker(secure) mail

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