1i Parent Talk


Dear 1i parents

We would like to invite you and your child to attend a parent talk on either

November the 9th or November the 10th,

depending on your availability and the availability of the teacher. 

Your child must sign you up for parent talks via Lectio. The deadline is Thursday November 3rd. 

You and your child may choose to speak with a maximum of 4 teachers. In Lectio, your child must indicate your preferred date(s) and times. Please also indicate in the comment box if the parent talks must take place online (write: “online”) in cases where parents live far away from the school. 

Your assigned date and times will be published in your child’s Lectio on November 4th. For online talks, each teacher will generate a link to Microsoft teams which will be sent to your email prior to the parent talk. 

The purpose of the talk is to provide you with an assessment of your child’s progress in the IB during the first months, including his/her academic progress, social well-being and self-management skills. 

On behalf of all the teachers, we look forward to meeting you.

Best regards

Gitte Pilley, IB Coordinator